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Scholarship Mindset Series: Step 2, dispel myths for confidence

I've started a series on Facebook Live to address what I think is the foundation to success in the scholarship process: mindset.

In this FB live episode, which is Step 2 in the process of helping your child get into the scholarship mindset, we talk about helping your child have the confidence to find and apply for scholarships.

In the video, I bust 5 of the most common myths about scholarships. These myths, while they may have a kernel of truth, are mostly untrue, and they hold qualified students back from applying for, and winning, scholarships.

For example, one of the myths many students believe is that scholarships are too competitive, so they don't apply.

But there are many reasons why scholarships are not as competitive as they assume.

Here are a few reasons:

1. The simple fact many students don't apply because they assume the competition is stiff and/or they think they won't win, means there may not be as many people applying as you think! If your student isn’t applying because they think it’s too competitive, how many other students are assuming that as well?

2. Some scholarships are not advertised well, or they are advertised late and the time to apply is short, so fewer students apply.

3. Some students don’t complete the application properly, and are disqualified. This is more common than you think.

4. Scholarships that require an essay, especially a long one, tend to be less competitive because many students don’t want to write an essay, or they don’t finish it, or don’t submit it in time.

5. Community based, or regional scholarships, are less competitive because fewer people are eligible to apply.

6. Scholarships with smaller value are often less competitive because some students can’t be bothered doing the work for a small amount of money.

This is just one of the myths I bust in the video.

I hope you find it useful to help your child develop some confidence to find and apply for scholarships!

Want to learn more about how I can help you win scholarships? Please visit my services page.

Best wishes,

About the author

Janet MacDonald is a Scholarship Coach with mycampusGPS Education Consulting. She is a former Canadian university admissions officer. For seven years, she was the coordinator of a scholarship program at a major Canadian university. Janet has helped her student clients win hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships.

You can find her online at, and on LinkedIn.

Learn more about Janet MacDonald by visiting the About Page.

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