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What You Need to Know About Admission & Scholarships in Grade 11


Get  this FREE 10 page guide to help your student plan for success in Grade 11, 12, and beyond!

Are you a busy parent with an even busier child in grade 11?

You probably know grade 11 is an important year, but maybe you’re not exactly sure why. 

And you’ve heard grade 11 can affect university admission and scholarships…but how?

You could spend hours Googling “Why is grade 11 important?”, reading hundreds of webpages, and potentially end up going down some celebrity fake-news rabbit-hole, or you could take 1 minute and sign up for my FREE guide!

As a former Admissions Officer, I’ve used the knowledge I gained from working in a university for over 10 years to develop a guide with the information you need to help your grade 11 student set themselves up for success in grade 12, and beyond.

“The Grade 11 Success Guide:  What You Need to Know About Admission & Scholarships in Grade 11”. 

This free 10 page guide takes you through the need-to-know information for academics, career exploration, and scholarship preparation. 

Stop guessing about what you think is important, and get the information you need to help your child make big decisions.


Here's (basically) what it looks like

The guide answers questions like:

  • Why should I do this stuff in grade 11?

  • How does my child determine career interest(s)?

  • Are grade 11 marks important?

  • What’s the best way for my child to maximize their activities, and put their best foot forward on admissions and  scholarship applications? 


You'll also get some emails from me to help keep you informed and on track with all you have to do.

Get the Grade 11 Success Guide and get ready for a great year!

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