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Grade 11 Students

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

-Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Prepare now for success
Work with Janet in grade 11 and prepare for scholarships the SMART way!  

Grade 11 Scholarship Bootcamp


Join Janet for a 2.5 hour value packed session!  The Scholarship Bootcamp will provide you with the information, resources, and confidence you need NOW to be successful with scholarships in grade 12.  

This hands-on workshop is all about taking action; you'll start applying your knowledge right away. Students will not only learn, they'll start to create content in the Bootcamp that they can use in scholarship applications next year. 

We'll cover the different kinds of scholarships students will apply for in grade 12, and what you should be doing NOW to prepare for them.  In this small group online session, students will learn what grades and activities they'll need to qualify for the most awards. Participants will learn where to find the information they need, saving time and frustration.  They'll get practical resources like the Activities List Organizer, a Volunteer Guide, and a Grade 11 Checklist that will help them get ahead and keep them on track. 


Students will learn what leadership really means for scholarships.  They'll learn about a high-value activity,  and why it's the absolute best way to prep for scholarships.  They'll get examples of high-value activities and learn how they can create their own high-value activity so they can win more scholarships in grade 12.  

Here's what one participant had to say:

“The Program was extensive, informative, and encouraging.  The information, planners, and resources were all stellar. The length of the session was just right.  The planners and guides were, and will continue to be, a helpful resource as I put together the various aspects of my applications. Thanks very much!” 

 - Bootcamp participant from Saskatchewan

Here's what a parent had to say:

"If my daughter hasn't provided her feedback on the Bootcamp, it's because she's currently out volunteering, thanks to your prompt about the importance of community involvement!  That along with the information and steps to taking initiative/ a leadership role were her two greatest take-aways. From a parental perspective, we're most pleased with the fact that she now has a clear line of sight on scholarships. Thanks a million, Janet!" 

- Parent of grade 11 student

I've helped my student clients win hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships. I know grade 11 has a HUGE impact on scholarship success in grade 12.  Students who take this program will have a significant advantage over others because they will have taken a strategic approach to their preparation.  This is the "Get it done!" Bootcamp that could save you thousands of dollars!

Note: Students will be sent a link to join the Bootcamp several days before the event.  It will be sent to the email of the person who makes payment. 

THE NEXT GRADE 11 BOOTCAMP WILL BE HELD IN WINTER 2024. Please check back later. 


Questions?  Contact  Janet at



Add a One-to-One Strategy Session


After completing the Bootcamp, add on a one-to-one strategy session with Janet! 


Students who participate in the Scholarship Prep Bootcamp are eligible to work with me in a one-to-one session at a special rate.  In the Bootcamp, we cover everything you need to know about how to set yourself up for success. However, if you would like to discuss how best to apply this information to your specific situation, you can book a one-to-one strategy session with me.   


This 50 minute engagement is highly personalized and focused on your needs.  The session is focused on understanding what kinds of scholarship opportunities exist for you, and how best to use your time in grade 11 to qualify for them. We examine your extra-curricular activities so far and identify any gaps you may need to fill to qualify for more and/or bigger awards in grade 12.  


We then discuss ideas for how you can engage in a high impact activity -- one you will enjoy, and that will use your time most effectively.  I know students are busy, so we'll develop a strategy to get the most bang for your buck with the time you have available.  Janet will suggest scholarships to apply for, provide some examples, and help you prepare in a strategic way so you maximize your opportunities.


The one-to-one session must be completed within 21 days of attending the Bootcamp.


Only students who attend the Grade 11 Scholarship Prep Bootcamp are eligible for a strategy session at this price.  If you do not attend the Bootcamp, and you'd like to discuss a one-to-one strategy session, please contact Janet at

Plan and position yourself

"Janet tells students how to plan and position themselves for admission and scholarships.  This information will be invaluable to us when my son starts to apply for major scholarships."


- Tim, father of grade 11 student

Provides a huge value

"I'm very impressed with Janet's service.  Her approach is highly customized, supportive, and insightful.  She brings a unique, expert perspective to admission and scholarships, shedding light on what feels like an opaque process.  Janet provided huge value. I recommend mycampusGPS highly!"  


- Caroline, Mom of grade 11 student

Best foot forward

"Janet showed me how to search for scholarships, how to approach essays, and how to put my best foot forward.  I not only felt prepared, I felt I had an advantage."  


- Alex, grade 11 student 

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