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A comprehensive guidebook to help high school students find and apply for post-secondary scholarships in Canada.  Kick start your scholarship search and win scholarships for university!

Do you have questions about scholarships? This book has the answers!

How to Find and Win Scholarships in Canada is a 50 page printed guidebook that takes the reader through the grade 12 post-secondary scholarship process, from how to find scholarships to how to write your best scholarship applications.  It also includes sample essays, templates, and access to additional resources. 

The guidebook will be mailed to you upon purchase (the price includes shipping and handling).

By reading this guide, you’ll learn when, where, and how to look for scholarships.  You’ll also learn what information is most important to include in your scholarship applications, and how to craft your best essays. 

If you're a Canadian high school student (or the parent of one), this information is for you.
Stop guessing about what to do, and feel confident knowing you’re on the right track and putting your best foot forward.


As a former university Admissions Officer, I get it. I've had many students and parents tell me how frustrating the scholarship process is.  Unfortunately, there’s no one single resource that tell you what you need to know about how to find and apply for scholarships.  That’s why I created this guidebook.  It’s written in an easy to follow, straightforward way that tells you what you need to know about how to find and win scholarships.  

You'll get:

  • An overview of both university awarded scholarships and external awards (those offered by community groups, banks, employers, foundations, etc.)

  • Step-by-step instructions on when and how to look for both university and external awards

  • My best strategy to find scholarships (it’s not what you think!)

You’ll learn:

  • The purpose of the essay, and how to choose your best experience to write about in your essay

  • How to take your essay from meh…to WOW!

  • Who to ask to be a reference, and how to ask for one (includes a script for you to follow)

  • How to re-use your content to win more awards

Plus lots of tips, strategies, and much more!

Here's what it looks like:

BONUS Scholarship tracker with purchase

My Campus GPS scholarship tracker freebie

Don't let this simple Excel spreadsheet fool you!

It provides an at-a-glance list of all the scholarships you're planning to apply for, and a place to keep all of the essential information in one spot.

You would spend hours searching online for this information (and never find all of it). 


I’ve put it all together for you in one place and provided the insight, tips, and strategies only someone who has been on the inside knows.


This small investment of about $50 could save you thousands of dollars. My student clients have won hundreds of thousands in scholarships using my tips, techniques, and strategies. 


There has never been a better time in history to get scholarships!  Don’t let this golden window of opportunity pass you by.

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