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Essay Writing Workshops

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

-Antoine de Saint-Exupery

A small investment with a big return
Workshops are a great way for students to get a lot of the information they need, when they need it, in a short period of time. Janet is currently offering workshops on scholarship essay writing.   

Janet delivers Scholarship Essay Writing Workshops to GROUPS at a group rate. Contact Janet to discuss delivering a workshop for your group. 

Testimonials from Essay Writing Workshop:


"I received an undergrad scholars entrance award (with distinction!).  I really owe a lot to you because your tips (especially the essay writing & examples) helped me structure my application. I also won three other scholarships for a total of $30,250.  Thank you so much, Janet, for the workshop you provided." - Grade 12 student, BC & scholarship winner

"Thank you again for the workshop I had with you last year. It really helped me learn how to write strong essays for my university scholarship applications, as well as my supplementary essays."  - Grade 12 student, NS, won $123,000 in scholarships and admitted to their first-choice program


"The essay writing workshop with Janet was excellent! Her teaching and resources provided me with a strong foundation for writing a great essay. The personal essay review was invaluable as it made all the learning come together. My stress level is significantly decreased knowing I have great content that I can re-use all year long in my many essays for scholarships and university applications." – Lauren, grade 12 student & winner of over $36,000 in scholarships
"My daughter raved about the workshop and how helpful it was.  She learned some key techniques and then got help from Janet to put them into her essay.  She now knows what to do, and how to do it."   - Corinne, Parent of Grade 12 student

"Hi, Janet, a quick note to say thank you for all of the essay writing tips and knowledge you shared with my son. I’m super happy to report he received over $11,000 in scholarships and bursaries. I’ve been sharing your name with lots of parents! Thanks so much!" - Jennifer, Parent of Grade 12 student

"My daughter came home very pleased with the workshop. She said she can apply lots of what she learned in her essays.  In fact, she's already used some of the workshop information in an application."   - Pia, Parent of Grade 12 student


"Janet was great to work with. She really helped me improve my essays. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to apply to scholarships. I am still in shock; I won a $50,000 scholarship!"  - Grade 12 student, ON

"The scholarship essay workshop gave me the confidence I needed to start applying.  The templates and worksheets Janet provided were extremely helpful and showed me what scholarships and universities are really looking for."  - Maya, Grade 12 Student & scholarship winner

Scholarship Essay Writing Workshop

Learn how to write your best scholarship essays!  

This 2.5 hour online Essay Workshop will answer your questions about how to write your best scholarship essays for various kinds of scholarships. We’ll go over what scholarship committees look for in an essay, what information is important to include in ALL essays, and discuss ways to improve your chances of winning.


Janet will provide you with lots of tips and tricks to help put your application to the top of the pile! 

This is a practical, hands-on workshop. The first part of the online session is instruction and the second part is putting it into practice.  You may also add an essay review for even more value (please see below). 


Participants will learn tips, techniques, and strategies of how to write a winning scholarship essay.  As students learn, they will put the learning into practice by writing a practice essay in the workshop.    

Note: you don’t need to have a scholarship application in hand to attend this workshop.  Many scholarship essays are based on one of several themes, so Janet will provide students with a list of themes they can choose from to write their practice essay.  Students can then use the information from the practice essay on future applications.  

What you’ll leave with:  Students will come away with a draft of a scholarship essay to use in their applications. It's highly likely they can use the essay content in many different kinds of applications.  Students will also take away lots of knowledge on writing scholarships, several helpful resources to use in future applications, and the confidence to put it into practice. 

This workshop is best suited to students in grade 12, but keen grade 11 students are welcome.  

The workshop is limited to 10 students and often sells out.




Questions?  Please email Janet at

Add an Essay Review

Add a personal essay review by Janet!  


Here's how it works: 


Janet will personally review your essay and provide personalized feedback and suggestions for improvement.   

Workshop participants write a practice essay in the Scholarship Essay Writing Workshop.  Within 3 days of completing the workshop, any student who chooses an essay review will send their completed essay to Janet.  Janet reviews the essay and provides comments on where the student did well, and provides specific ways they can improve the essay.  Then the reviewed essay is sent back to the student within a week of submission.  

Please note the essay review is not proofreading/editing -- checking for spelling, grammar, etc.  Rather it makes specific suggestions for improvement for clarity, interest, and addressing the most important aspects of the student's experience as it applies to the essay question. 

Students who add this option to the workshop will come away with all the tips, techniques, strategies, and resources from the workshop, plus personalized feedback on how to craft their best essays.  

Please note: the $99 essay review is only available as an add-on to the Scholarship Essay Writing Workshop for the date noted above.

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