"I just listened to your presentation. It was by far the best one I've heard. I worked in Financial Aid for a number of years at a post-secondary institution before my role as Academic Counsellor, so I've seen various presentations & read many resources. Thanks for your insight."
-School Counsellor

Janet MacDonald has been delivering presentations and workshops on scholarships for over five years to various groups such as the Ontario School Counsellors Association, the Canadian College and University Fairs, high school classes and high school conferences, School Advisory Committees, home-schooled students, teenage tutoring groups, not-for-profit programs, and many more. Presentation feedback is always overwhelmingly positive. 


Request a personalized session created based on your needs or select one of Janet's presentations:

  1. What You Need to Know About Scholarships - 1 hour

  2. Scholarship Essay Writing Workshop - 2.5 hour

  3. What Grade 11s Need to Do NOW for Scholarships - 1 hour

  4. Grade 11 Scholarship Prep Bootcamp - 2.5 hours


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Presentation 1
What You Need to Know About Scholarships

This 1-hour presentation is packed with valuable information including the different kinds of scholarships available for high school students, plus key pieces of information students and parents need to know, such as how to find scholarships, and how to make your best applications for scholarships.  

Janet doesn’t just cover the “what” information, she also covers the “how-to” strategies students need to put the information into practice. This information could save you thousands of dollars!

​“What You Need to Know” sessions are meant for students in Grades 10, 11, and 12, and their parents. ​If you're a parent interested in having a session for you and your child, please contact your school counsellor and ask the school to host a session for your child's class/grade.

Presentation 2
Scholarship Essay Writing Workshops

This 2.5-hour online Essay Workshop will answer your questions about how to write your best scholarship essays for various kinds of scholarships. We’ll go over what scholarship committees look for in an essay, what information is important to include in ALL essays and discuss ways to improve your chances of winning.

Participants will learn tips, techniques, and strategies of how to write a winning scholarship essay.  As students learn, they will put the learning into practice by writing a practice essay in the workshop. 

Contact Janet to discuss developing an Essay Writing Workshop for your group. For more information on Essay Workshops, visit our workshops page.

Meet your presenter

Janet MacDonald

Janet has over 10 years of experience with university admissions and scholarship coaching.  Janet was an Assistant Registrar of Admissions at Dalhousie University and an Admissions Officer at The University of British Columbia.  For six years she was the Program Coordinator for a national science and engineering research scholarship program.

With mycampusGPS, Janet has helped hundreds of Canadian students save thousands of dollars on post-secondary.  She loves her job!

Janet’s blog was named one of the top education blogs in Canada.