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Counsellors: save time explaining

to your students about how to get a

great reference for a scholarship.  

Simply give them a copy of my free guide, or post it on your Google Classroom.

Need a handy guide for Grade 12 students seeking scholarships?
I've talked to a lot of school counsellors over the years, and one thing they've told me is that they want to help students with scholarship references, but educating students on reference letters is a time consuming process.    


That's why I created a four page guide with all of the information students need to know to get a great reference for a scholarship.  

Here's what it looks like:

How to get ref_edited.jpg

This handy guide tells students about the different kinds of references, and who best to ask to be a referee. 

It gives them a list of items to give to their referee to ensure they get the best reference possible. Plus, it saves the referee time and energy because they have all of the information they need.


It also explains how and when to ask for a reference.  


The guide helps your students to be more successful with scholarships by getting a better reference!

Email script.JPG

BONUS: Email script for requesting a scholarship reference 

I know students sometimes find it difficult to know what to say when requesting a reference. They may be nervous, and often they don't provide all of the information the referee needs to give them the best reference possible.


That's why I developed and included an email script students can use to make their requests. It provides them with a specific guide so they know what to say, and how to say it.   


Save your students, and yourself, time and energy by distributing this guide to your Grade 12 students so you can streamline your information to students about reference requests. 


This is a simple four page guide in pdf format.  You can download it and print it, or put it on your Google Classroom for students to access. 


Sign up to get the free guide now.

Kick off a successful scholarship year for your students by signing up for my How to Get a Great Reference Guide!

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