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Grade 12 Students

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

-Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Personalized Service
Work one-to-one with Janet for customized scholarship prep to fit your specific needs.  

Grade 12 Scholarship Prep


Grade 12 Prep Package

In this package, I help grade 12 students gain the knowledge and the confidence to master the scholarship process. Take away the guesswork, frustration and stress of scholarships, plus save loads of time using my experience, tips, and strategies!  

This package is also suitable for students who need advice with their personal statements for admission.  

Here's what's included:

  1.  A 75 minute, one-to-one personalized strategy session with Janet MacDonald where all of your biggest scholarship and/or personal statement questions are answered

  2.  A personalized essay review where Janet provides specific feedback on your essay(s)

  3.  An instructional video on the best strategies to find scholarships

  4.  Helpful resources, such as templates and guides, based on your specific needs 

I will be accepting a limited number of students for the Grade 12 Prep Package in January 2023.  

You will work with me in a one-to-one personalized strategy session. We'll discuss your goals, and your past activities and experiences. Using my knowledge and experience, I'll ask you the right questions to help you plan your strategy for applications and teach you how to highlight your best experiences.  By learning this skill now, you can use it on applications not only in grade 12, but throughout university and beyond.  

After the strategy session, the student may submit up to two essays (up to 600 words total) for my review.  I will make written comments and suggestions for improvement. 


This is a highly personalized program. I work with students and their parents/supporters across Canada.  All sessions are online via Zoom video conference.  


The majority of scholarships are offered between December and May.  Don't miss out on this golden window of opportunity.  


I can help you get control of scholarships.  Students who complete this package will have a clear focus, and have the knowledge and confidence to take action, apply, and win scholarships!

Please note: I do not find scholarships for students. I teach you how to find them for yourself so you learn the process and can do it on your own throughout university. I do, however, know of many scholarships and I may be able to suggest one or more to you.  

Interested in working with me?

Please email me at for a list of potential meeting times. Daytime, evening and weekend meeting times are available.  Once a meeting time has been set, an invoice will be emailed to you.  Your meeting will be confirmed once payment is made.  

Methods that work

"Janet was instrumental in my daughter winning $26,000 worth of scholarships. We followed all her advice and recommendations about how to prepare for, find, and apply for scholarships. Her methods clearly work!"  

– Nancy, parent of grade 12 student

Won over $350,000

"Engaging Janet to help us navigate the scholarship process was beyond helpful. Her objective and professional advice on which scholarships would be the best fit and which activities and accomplishments to highlight in application essays was invaluable. My grade 12 student was offered over $350,000 in scholarships."  


- Susan, parent of grade 12 student

Sharing your name

"Hi Janet, a quick note to say thank you for all of the essay writing tips and knowledge you shared with my son. I’m super happy to report he received over $11,000 in scholarships and bursaries. I’ve been sharing your name with lots of parents!"​


- Meg, parent of grade 12 student

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