1.  Finding more scholarships they qualify for, and in less time.
2.  Write their best possible application.  
3.  Apply for more scholarships in less time.

More applications + better applications = More chances of winning.


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I help your child increase their chances of winning scholarships by:​

Confused about scholarships?



Wondering where to find scholarships for university?  Confused about what to put on scholarship applications?  Worried you’re missing out on funding opportunities?

You’re not alone.  As a former Admissions Officer, I’ve been helping high school students and parents to prepare for university for over 10 years and, I can assure you, many people struggle with scholarships.

Every year millions of dollars in post-secondary funding goes unused because qualified students don’t apply for scholarships. There are lots of reasons why, but a big part is because many students assume they’re not eligible when they actually are. Or, perhaps they try to find them, but they don’t know where to look, so they get frustrated and give up.  Or they don’t know how best to complete the applications so they put them off, and miss the deadline.

We all hear scholarships are out there; the problem is knowing where to find them, and how to apply for them.

I’m here to help.  I’ll help you find scholarships, and help you write your best scholarship applications!

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