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Quality Scholarship Resources for Canadian High Schools

Help your students navigate the complex and fragmented Canadian scholarship landscape.

Your students need scholarship information, BUT… Scholarship information in Canada is complex and fragmented.


  • Too many places to look. There isn’t one single place to find what you need. 

  • Questionable content. You’re unsure of the quality and relevance of the information online. 

  • Unequal Access. Some students can access paid consultants to help them, creating inequity. 

Now there's a solution.

A one-of-a-kind package of scholarship information you can quickly and easily share with your students. The Scholarship Library provides Canadian high schools with quality scholarship resources that all students can access, regardless of income or ability to pay. 

Everything in one place

Everything your students need, from how to find scholarships to how to write applications, plus a list of current and upcoming scholarship opportunities.  

High quality materials

A learning system written specifically for Canadian high school students by Janet MacDonald, a trusted resource for School Counsellors for over 8 years.

Equal access

24/7 access to all the high-quality scholarship materials in the Library for all students, regardless of income or ability to pay.  

Teacher with Students

How it works:

A school purchases a license to access The Scholarship Library materials.  A one-year license is $599.00 + HST/school.  School Boards may purchase a license for each of their senior high schools at a reduced rate. 

The Scholarship Library materials are housed on a secure site, accessible by clicking a link and entering a password.  The school simply posts the link, along with the password, on a school-only online area, such as a Google classroom.


Once students are in the school-only area, such as a Google classroom, students simply click the link, and enter the password. They will instantly be taken to the secure site with The Scholarship Library materials.

Fast.  Simple.  Secure. 


What's included:

Examples of materials in The Scholarship Library:

  • How and when to look for scholarships, plus a Scholarship Tracker tool you can use to record your scholarship finds

  • A list of some current and upcoming scholarship opportunities (updated regularly)

  • How to write essays, including templates to help students get started

  • How parents and supporters can help

  • How to prepare in grades 10 and 11

Materials are in the format of documents, instructional videos, templates, guides, infographics, and more. 

Ready to get started?

Connect with the creator, Janet MacDonald, to see how The Scholarship Library can help your students prepare to apply for, and win, scholarships. 

What Counsellors, students, and parents say about Janet and mycampusGPS

"I’ve learned so much from you!  Your book is very comprehensive... and Canadian!  I particularly enjoyed your insider and organizational tips. I have recommended it to our grade 11s and grade 12s."

- Department Head of Guidance   

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