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Grade 11 Scholarship Strategy Session

Grade 11 is a critical year to build a solid foundation for winning scholarships in grade 12.  Grade 11 marks and activities are considered in most scholarship applications, by both universities and by external funders. 

The best way to ensure you are setting a solid foundation for admission and scholarships in grade 11 is to take a thoughtful and strategic approach to where you focus your attention and how you spend your time. 

In this 75 minute personalized strategy session, we’ll cover the best strategies for you to prepare for success with scholarships.   

Here are some topics we’ll discuss:

•     The kinds of activities are the best for scholarships (and competitive admission).

•     Some scholarships you might consider applying for in grade 12 and what you should be doing now to prepare for them. We'll look at copies of actual applications and discuss how your current activities line up and where you might need to strengthen.

•     How your grade 11 marks can affect admission and scholarships.

I know you’re busy, so we’ll uncover your best strategy to gain the kind of experience you need in the least amount of time.

Before the meeting, I will review your marks and activities and use my years of expertise to develop some ideas to help you improve your record.  Together, we’ll make a plan for you to build the solid foundation you'll need for competitive admission and scholarships in grade 12. 

Grade 12 is your best opportunity to win scholarships in your lifetime.  You will leave this meeting with the information and clarity you need to make the most of grade 11 so you can capitalize on this golden window of opportunity in grade12.

A 75 minute personalized strategy session is $249 + HST.

If you'd like to book a personalized meeting with me, please contact me at Janet[at]

I will send to you a link to book a meeting time and an invoice for payment. I have evening and daytime slots available. 

Note: these strategy sessions are for Canadian grade 11 students who will be applying to Canadian universities, and their parent(s)/supporters.

Best wishes,

About the author

Janet MacDonald is a Scholarship Coach with mycampusGPS Education Consulting. She is a former Canadian university admissions officer. For seven years, she was the coordinator of a scholarship program at a major Canadian university. Janet has helped her student clients win hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships.

You can find her online at, and on LinkedIn.


Learn more about Janet MacDonald by visiting the About Page.

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