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One-to-one services

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

-Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Personalized Service
Work one-to-one with Janet for customized scholarship prep to fit your specific needs.  

Strategy Session (one hour)​


Sometimes students and/or parents just need an hour to get the answers to a few key questions, or to focus on a particular issue. 

For example, I'll help Grade 12 students discover their unique story and strengths, and help the student formulate how to tell that story in your scholarship application. I can also suggest the best activities to highlight, the best person to ask for a reference, and how to use your experiences to your best advantage in the scholarship essay. Or we can discuss the admission and scholarship process so you feel confident and ready to apply.  

For Grade 10 and 11 students, I discuss practical steps students can take now to help prepare for university admission and scholarships in Grade 12.  Many entrance scholarships and admissions assess using marks and activities from Grade 11, so it's critical students are using their time in Grade 11 to their best advantage.   


How it works:  


I work with students/parents across Canada via email, phone, and/or online using the Zoom video conference platform.  Students and parents are welcome in the meeting, if you wish.  I can also share my computer screen with you, so we can all follow along with instruction and examples. 


During this one hour strategy session, we work on the phone or online for up to 50 minutes.  I then take 10 minutes to write and send to you an email with a short summary of our discussion and to pass along links to any resources we discussed. 

Grade 12 Scholarship Prep Package


In this program, I help Grade 12 students gain the knowledge and the confidence to create their best scholarship applications. Take away the guesswork and stress of applying for scholarships using my experience, tips, and strategies!

This program is for motivated Grade 12 students who intend to apply for several scholarships, and may be writing personal statements for admission.  Students should have solid grades, be active in their school/community, and have some volunteer experience. 


Students will work with me in a series small group sessions (three people or fewer) and one-to-one sessions.  In the group sessions we discuss information common to all participants. Then, in the one-to-one sessions, we apply that information to your specific situation. This is a highly personalized program. 


The group and individual sessions are pre-scheduled over about 3 weeks.  This is when the bulk of the work will be done.  Then, for three months following, there are monthly one-to-one meetings to help keep you focused and motivated to apply for scholarships.  

I work with students across Canada.  All sessions are online via Zoom video conference.  


Included in this package is a copy of my "How to Find and Win Scholarships in Canada" guide, plus access to instructional videos and templates, that take you step-by-step, from start to finish, through the scholarship writing process. 


I accept students into this program monthly, from September to January. The next session starts in October 2020.


NOTE: Because this program has restricted access and operates on a schedule, please DO NOT purchase the program without first contacting me to inquire about the next available space, and the schedule your child will need to follow.  Thanks!


Please book a no-obligation call to discuss how this program works and how it can help your child. Please book the phone call using my scheduling link:

Grade 11 Scholarship Prep Package


This is your all-in-one solution. It includes the information, plus the structure and accountability your Grade 11 child needs to properly prepare for scholarships in Grade 12.    

This program is suitable for motivated Grade 11 students preparing for major scholarships and admissions statements. Students should have solid grades, be active in their school/community, and have some volunteer experience.  With my help, students will gain experience in at least one high value activity -- the kind of activity scholarship committees seek.


Grade 11 students work with me throughout the year in a series of 5 one-to-one online sessions.  We'll discuss the best ways to prepare for scholarships including what you can do to maximize your chances of winning through high-value activities.  We also discuss the best ways to prepare for admission to competitive university programs.

Grade 11 students can start the program at any time from January to May. The earlier you start, the more impact you can create. 

Students in this program will be offered a free copy of my comprehensive guide, "How to Find and Win Scholarships in Canada" (value $49.95) and $50 off my Grade 12 Scholarship Package.


Please contact me for more details on this program at, or book a no-obligation call with me using my online scheduling link:

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