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Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.
- George Washington Carver


"Janet provided my daughter with information on the program she was considering as well as related programs and careers.  She also recommended scholarships and critiqued essays she was submitting with scholarship applications.  Janet answered all of my daughter's questions about scholarships and had great insight on ways to strengthen her essays and respond to application questions.  I found Janet to be an expert in her field and I highly recommend her to any student preparing for university."  

- Meg, parent of Grade 12 student

“Janet, your services were very helpful. You were pleasant and always goal-directed. You encouraged my daughter to think about the future, and to operationalize her ideas into actions through the tasks identified in your meetings.” 

- Parent of first-year university student

"We had no previous experience with the scholarship application process, and found Janet's help in navigating the applications to be invaluable."

- Lynn, parent of Grade 12 student

"As a former teacher and the parent of a Grade 11 student, I found the information provided by mycampusGPS consulting (Janet MacDonald) enlightening and current.  Janet articulated how to successfully navigate the complex admission and scholarships processes, and used real-world examples to illustrate.   I now feel much better equipped to help my child when the time comes."  

- Tim, father of Grade 11 student

“I would recommend Janet to someone who is looking for ways to make themselves more 'attractive' to universities and/or employers. “  

- Axel, Grade 12 student

“We would definitely recommend Janet. Her knowledge of university admission and ability to motivate are just what every grade 12 student needs to keep them on track with everything they have on their plate in the final year of high school. Thanks again!!!"

- Kathy Col

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"Janet is kind and professional; she really cares. She was a tremendous help to my daughter when deciding which program and school to apply to. She listened to what my daughter was interested in and researched several programs and helped her narrow down the best schools/programs. She also helped guide my daughter through the process of applying for scholarships.  We learned there was a lot of work that goes into them. 


We would definitely recommend Janet, her knowledge of university admissions and ability to motivate is exactly what every grade 12 student needs to keep them on track with everything they have on their plate their final year in high school.  Thanks again!!!  

- Pam and Sarah

“Janet provided a comprehensive system to establish my daughter's skills and interests and to have her set goals.” 

- Parent of first-year university student 

"What I found really valuable about working with Janet is that she taught me what to look for on university websites, and she explained concepts/terminology that I didn’t know before." 

- Axel, Grade 12 student

“I contacted Janet because I was recommended to her by someone who was well aware of her qualifications. She then met with me to discuss the career I was interested in, and even went as far as researching which courses I would need to take as prerequisites for the master’s degree I am thinking about taking. It felt amazing to be able to talk to someone about such a stressful topic who knew such a great deal about universities. I will definitely be contacting Janet if any more problems arise for me, and I will recommend my schoolmates to do so as well.”

- Jessica, Grade 12 student

"Janet tells students how best to plan and position themselves for admission and scholarships.  This is valuable information for my child as he begins to apply for major scholarships."

- Tim, father of Grade 11 student

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