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Scholarship Essay Workshop


Learn how to write your best scholarship essays!  


This 2.5 hour workshop will answer your questions about how to write your best scholarship essays for various kinds of scholarships. We’ll go over what scholarship committees look for in an essay, what information is important to include in ALL essays, and discuss ways to improve your chances of winning. Janet will provide you with lots of tips and tricks to help put your application to the top of the pile!  


Participants will complete small tasks throughout the information session, and then have time to write a draft essay. 

Note: you don’t need to have a scholarship application in hand to attend this workshop.  Almost all scholarships require an essay that’s based on certain themes, so Janet will provide students with a list of themes they can choose from to write their draft essay.  Students can write an essay for future applications using Janet’s tips.  

What you’ll leave with:  Students will come away with a draft of a scholarship essay to use in their applications.  They will learn the process of scholarship essay writing so they can apply that process in other applications in the future.  They'll also take away lots of tips, techniques, and strategies on writing scholarships, and several helpful resources to use in future applications. 

This workshop is best suited to students in grade 12, but keen grade 11 students are welcome.  The workshop is limited to 10 students.  



Scholarship Essay Writing Workshop (2.5 hours)

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