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How to Find and Win Scholarships in Canada is a 50 page coil bound, paper guidebook that takes the reader through the grade 12 post-secondary scholarship process, from how to find scholarships to how to write your best scholarship applications.  It also includes sample essays, templates, and a link to additional resources. 


By reading this guide, you’ll learn when, where, and how to look for scholarships.  You’ll also learn what information is most important to include in your scholarship applications. It tells you how to write your activities list, how to craft your best essays, and how to get the best reference possible. 


It has everything you need to get set up for scholarship success!

How to Find and Win Scholarships Guidebook

  • The guidebook will be mailed to you via Canada Post using the address connected to your payment method.

    Shipping and handling cost is included in the total price.  

    The guidebook will be mailed in a large envelope.  Please allow 3 business days for it to be put into the mail.  Delivery time will then depend on where you live and Canada Post's delivery schedule.  

    If you wish the guidebook delivered to an address other than the one on your payment method, please email me at immediately after purchase. 




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