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Join Janet for a 2.5 hour value packed session! 


The Grade 11 Scholarship Prep Bootcamp will provide you with the information, resources, and confidence you need NOW to be successful with scholarships in grade 12.  

We'll discuss the different kinds of scholarships you'll apply for next year in grade 12, and what you should be doing NOW to prepare for them. 


In this small group online session, students will learn what grades and activities they'll need to qualify for the most awards. They'll get practical resources like the Activities List Organizer, the Scholarship Prep Organizer, and the Grade 11 Checklist that will help them get ahead and keep them on track. 


Students will learn what leadership really means for scholarships.  They'll learn what a high-value activity is and why it's the absolute best way to prep for scholarships.  They'll get examples of high-value activities and learn how they can create their own high-value activity so they can win more scholarships in grade 12.   

I know students are busy, so it's not just about doing more.  It's about doing things the right way to maximize your efforts in the least amount of time.


Students who take this Bootcamp will have a huge advantage over others because they will have taken strategic approach to their preparation! 


It could save you thousands of dollars!


Only 12 "seats" so sign up soon!

Grade 11 Scholarship Bootcamp

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