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The most comprehensive guide available, with step-by-step instructions to find university entrance scholarships in Canada!  Kick start your scholarship search and find MORE scholarships to help fund university!

Feel like searching for scholarships is like a wild goose chase?

When it comes to the scholarship hunt, are you frenetically looking everywhere, but don't know if you’re doing it the right way? Are you unsure of even where to start? 


As a former university Admissions Officer, I get it. I've had many students and parents tell me how frustrating it is.  Unfortunately, there’s no one single place to find scholarships in Canada, so I know it can be tough. 


But not to worry! I've created a guide that will explain not only where to look for scholarships, but also when and how to look for them.  And I've put it all into an easy-to-follow 22 page guide.   

There's no other guide like it in Canada!  This is all you need to help you know when, where, and how to find scholarships for university.


You'll get:

  • an overview of both university awarded scholarships and external awards (scholarships offered by organizations other than universities, such as community groups, banks, employers, foundations, etc.)

  • step-by-step instructions on where and how to look for both university and external awards

  • tips and tricks to find the "hidden" scholarships

  • simple ways to get (and stay!) organized


If you're a Canadian high school student in Grade 12 (or the parent of one!), this information is for you. 


My instructions will ensure your search is strategic and systematic, and help mitigate that “AHHH! I give up!” feeling. 

This small investment of $19.95 could save you thousands of dollars!  My clients tell me it was a "game changer" for their scholarship search, so get the guide today and start your scholarship search the smart way.

Here's a sample page from the guide:

sample page_edited.jpg

BONUS Scholarship tracker with purchase

My Campus GPS scholarship tracker freebie

Don't let this simple Excel spreadsheet fool you!

It provides an at-a-glance list of all the scholarships students are planning to apply for, and a place to keep all of the essential information in one spot. 

This useful tool, along with my tips and strategies for organization, will help make your scholarship search more successful, and get you on the road to winning scholarships!

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