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Student Paper Writing


For Grade 11 students

“I not only felt prepared, I felt I had an advantage.”
Alex, grade 11

This quote is from a student who worked with me, Janet MacDonald, to prepare for admission and scholarships, and it’s the inspiration behind the creation of my new program called The Early Advantage Program.  

Alex felt she had an advantage because she knew her strengths and was confident in her abilities. She was well prepared for her next steps, and excited for her future.  


The Early Advantage Program helps students develop the same preparedness and confidence Alex had. In this program, Janet will be joined by career expert Devon Turcotte, and together they’ll deliver a series of sessions packed with value.


This online program is targeted to students in grade 11, but students in grade 12 will also benefit greatly from it. Space is limited to 10 participants to ensure personal attention. 

Program Schedule 

Can't attend this session?   Contact Janet at to inquire about future sessions.    

Career and Resume

Date and time TBD 

Interview Skills and Practice

Date and time TBD

University Programs and Admission

Date and time TBD 

Scholarships and Leadership

Date and time TBD 


Information you need to know now

The Early Advantage Program provides students with the information they need to know now for career, employment, admission, and scholarship success. But it doesn’t stop at just relaying information. This is a series of workshops where students will complete activities, both in the sessions and for “homework”.  They will learn by doing.  

For example, students will learn about resumes, and then complete their own resume in the session. They will learn about interviewing for jobs, and for admission and scholarships, and then complete a practice interview. They’ll learn about how to research university programs, and then do some research on potential programs. They’ll learn about leadership, and discover their own leadership style.  And much more.  

Parents - if you’ve ever wished someone would come along and take all of this prep work off your plate, and have your child just get it DONE, then this program is for you!

But, more importantly, if you’d like your child to feel the same way as Alex—confident, focused, happy—speak with them about signing up for the Early Advantage Program. 

Students will learn
  • Their personal strengths

  • How to find quality career information

  • How to schedule and conduct an information interview

  • How to job search effectively

  • How to write a resume (students will complete their own resume in the session)

  • How to interview for a job, for admission or for scholarships (practice by doing a mock interview)

  • How to research universities & programs 

  • How to prepare for competitive programs and admissions personal statements

  • What scholarship funders look for in recipients, and how to prepare for scholarships

  • What is leadership, and what’s my leadership style

  • How to take on a leadership position 

Students will get
  • Completed report on student’s strengths and potential career areas to focus on in future

  • Completed resume 

  • List of resources on careers

  • List of places to look for a job

  • Information interview guide – plus one appointment set up with someone for an interview

  • Interview guide for jobs, admission, and scholarships 

  • Instructions sheet on how to research universities and programs  

  • A completed list of all extra-curricular activities to use on scholarship applications

  • Completed leadership style information

  • One optional 50-minute strategy session with each instructor at a reduced rate. 

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Parents, there's a session for you too!

Parents, join Janet and Devon for an optional-but-encouraged information session the week before the program starts. We’ll go over the information your child will learn, and give you tips on how you can best support your child with this process. 


Parent Information Session


The program is a great fit for students who:

  • Want clarity on their strengths and how to choose a university program

  • Are eager to know how best to prepare for university admission and scholarships

  • Want to get a summer job, and learn how to prepare for it now 

  • Are willing to make a commitment of time to complete the program

  • Are willing to do some “homework” 

  • Are motivated to learn 


The program is not a great fit for students who:

  • Are stressed out and need a break

  • Are doing it only because their parents want them to do it

Meet your instructors

Janet MacDonald

Janet has over 10 years of experience with university admissions and scholarship coaching.  Janet was an Assistant Registrar of Admissions at Dalhousie University and an Admissions Officer at The University of British Columbia.  For six years she was the Program Coordinator for a national science and engineering research scholarship program.

With mycampusGPS, Janet has helped hundreds of Canadian students save thousands of dollars on post-secondary.  She loves her job!

Janet’s blog was named one of the top education blogs in Canada.

Devon Turcotte

Devon is working to change career conversations through, a career and education coaching practice. A Certified Career Strategist and member of the Career Professionals of Canada, Devon’s draw to the career development field is rooted in the connection between mental health and youth career decisions. Devon is adept at all things career: resumes, cover letters, job interviews, job search strategies and LinkedIn.

Over the last 15 years, Devon has worked with thousands of teens, parents and educators, providing one-on-one support and facilitating workshops on career planning through all different post-secondary pathways. Check out her Career Tips for Parents video series on YouTube.

Early Advantage Program

Early bird pricing will be in effect until a week before the start of the program. 


Early Bird $599  |  Regular price $749

Provides a huge value

"I'm very impressed with Janet's service.  Her approach is highly customized, supportive, and insightful.  She brings a unique, expert perspective to admission and scholarships, shedding light on what feels like an opaque process.  Janet provided huge value. I recommend mycampusGPS highly!"  


- Caroline, Mom of grade 11 student

Plan and position yourself

"Janet tells students how to plan and position themselves for admission and scholarships.  This information will be invaluable to us when my son starts to apply for major scholarships."


- Tim, father of grade 11 student

Much more prepared

I felt lost and stressed about my grade 12 year because I lacked knowledge about scholarships and university applications. I knew there were important decisions to be made and I didn't have enough information. Janet provided me with many helpful resources and lots of valuable information.  She gave me practice exercises and helpful feedback.  I now feel much more prepared to face the decisions I need to make in grade 12." 


- Irina, grade 11

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