Why I created The Scholarship Circle

The Scholarship Circle is a new, value packed support for my Grade 12 Scholarship Prep Program clients.

What is the Scholarship Circle?

The Scholarship Circle is a monthly email I send to clients who purchase the Grade 12 Scholarship Prep Program.

The Scholarship Circle emails are full of valuable information, including a list of current and upcoming scholarships. So, in addition to the personalized advice and support of working with me one-to-one, you’ll receive a regular source of additional information to help you be more successful in your scholarship journey.

Grade 12 Scholarship Prep clients will receive the Scholarship Circle emails for 6 months, from September 2022 to February 2023.

Why I started the Scholarship Circle

I created the Scholarship Circle because I wanted to provide more “wrap around” support to my valued clients. We don’t always get to cover all the information I’d like in our three meetings, so I’m augmenting the one-to-one support with some written information and instructional videos.

But the main reason why I created the Scholarship Circle is to keep you motivated and engaged with the scholarship process. The emails will help you to better access more scholarship opportunities by providing a list of current and upcoming scholarships. Plus, it will give you tips on searching for scholarships and provide a regular reminder and accountability to continue to pursue them beyond our original engagement.

Continuing to pursue opportunities throughout the year is vitally important because scholarships are offered all year long. Since my Grade 12 Scholarship Prep students are high achieving students, they will likely qualify for many scholarships over the course of the year. Yet, I know some students only pursue scholarship during the time they work with me. The Scholarship Circle is intended to help you continue to apply for scholarships after our engagement has ended.

How The Scholarship Circle helps you maximize your success with scholarships

When you work with me in our one-to-one sessions, I teach you a lot about schoalrships, including how and when to find them, how to create your application strategy, and how to get a great reference for your applications. I also help you create stand-out essay content by teaching you how to highlight your best experiences in the best way. Once you've learned about scholarships, and your essay content is developed, it can often be re-used (at least in part) on future applications. So, students who work with me in Fall 2022 can use this same learning and content over and over again throughout the year. You’ve put in the time and effort to learn and to create great content; let’s get as much mileage out of it as possible!

This method of re-using materials helps you to apply for more scholarships in less time. And the more applications you submit, the more chances you will have to win. Why win one scholarship when you can win several?!

This is the method smart students use to win multiple scholarships. I’ve helped students win hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships. I know it works! The Scholarship Circle will help you to implement this method for success.

I hope you enjoy this new support I created just for you!

Learn more about Janet MacDonald by visiting the About Page.

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