Student review: UNB Fredericton

MCGPS: Why did your choose UNB Fredericton?

LAUREN: UNB Fredericton offers strong Science and Engineering degrees, which I am interested in, compared to other surrounding schools where their focus is more on arts, education, etc. UNB is one of the top Science schools in the Maritimes, and has a smaller community and city compared to that of Dalhousie in Halifax, which is also a top Science and Engineering school.

MCGPS: What program are you taking and why?

LAUREN: I am taking the Bachelor of Science degree, and currently have my major as Bio Chemistry PHP (pre health professions). I chose to take a Science degree due to my love of science and my ability to easily grasp science and math in high school. Taking a Science degree is a stepping stone to go into medicine or research which I am very interested in. I am enrolled in Bio Chemistry due to my love for both Biology and Chemistry, and this can lead me into numerous health related or research related jobs.

MCGPS: What's the biggest difference between high school and university?

LAUREN: The biggest difference between high school and university would definitely be the amount of work and how much time you spend on doing your work. There are not many days I had off to do nothing, not even on the weekend. Every day you have plenty of things to work on and study due to so many courses, a shorter semester time, and higher expectations. Also, unlike high school, you cannot exempt exams, and most are either the day after the next or a couple on the same day.

MCGPS: What is your opinion of academics at UNB?

LAUREN: The academics at UNB are strong, their Engineering being their strongest most popular degree. Most of the professors I had really cared about the students, and would do their best to make us feel comfortable, as well as providing all the help they could give. In the science degree, they offered tutorials in the evenings and on the weekends for every course, and upper year students would come in and answer any questions we had, give us worksheets to do that went along with our previous class and give us hints and help for tests and exams.

MCGPS: What is your opinion of student life at UNB?

LAUREN: There is always something to do at UNB, various groups and organizations to join, and activities hosted by the Student Union, facilities and residences. Living in residence at UNB is fun. It’s easy to meet people, there are always activities going on. But it can be hard to study and do work because it can be noisy at times, especially in the evening and on the weekends, and depending on if you have a roommate. Residences at UNB are very small compared to other universities, mine having around 90 people in my first year, with 4 floors. Each residence has their own charity fundraiser, and each residence puts on an activity for the fundraiser. My house did a polar dip for the IWK where students gave money to jump into a freezing pool (or last year a lake) with friends in January.

MCGPS: What do you like/love most about UNB?

LAUREN: What I like most about UNB is the small community of students in a small but lively city, and the smaller and intimate classes where some of my teachers know me by name. Also, they offer strong academics and have many degrees to choose from.

MCGPS: Please fill in the blanks: If you like ___, ____, and ____, then I think you’ll love UNB.

LAUREN: If you like the small-scale city feel with so much always going on to do and see, small class sizes and population of students, and strong academics, then I think you'll love UNB.

Lauren Fitzpatrick is from Pictou County, Nova Scotia. She is taking a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry at UNB. She is interested in learning more about our planet and conserving it, and also likes astronomy. She is unsure at this time of what she’d like to be, but is thinking about changing her degree from life science to environmental science.

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