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Welcome to the blog of mycampusGPS Education Consulting, a new service that provides information and guidance to young people and parents on educational choices.

Never before have there been so many post-secondary education choices for young people: small, medium and large universities, each one unique and some with their own specialties; hundreds of possible majors and minors, scholarships, co-op, experiential learning, study abroad and entrepreneurship programs; residence options such as dorm style, apartment style, single gender, mixed gender. And clubs and societies for everything from knitting to Quidditch!

We are told that choice is a good thing, and it is. We are very lucky in Canada to have a high quality, relatively accessible post-secondary system.

However, for some people, having so many choices can be a little overwhelming.

For over seven years I was a university recruiter and admissions officer at two major Canadian universities. During that time I discovered that many students and parents are struggling with these choices. Education is an important and expensive undertaking, how do we know which path is the best investment? Busy kids and parents often don’t have the time or the expertise required to do thorough research on options, and many school guidance counsellors are stretched thin. Anxiety and confusion can develop.

What should be a fun and exciting experience for the family can turn into a time fraught with stress and frustration.

I discovered that what people wanted and needed was someone with expertise to take them, step-by-step, through the process -- to sit down and discuss their individual hopes and needs, and to help guide them through the options. Students and parents want to feel confident in the choices they're making.

When I had the time to really focus on helping a family, it was the most enjoyable aspect of my job. So this is what I decided to do – go out on my own and help families with these choices. It’s really what I love to do and I’m very excited about this new venture!

My new website ( outlines more information about the role of the private education consultant and how a consultant can help ensure you are getting the best value for your money.

In addition to my website, I will be blogging here on topics of interest to students and parents about university admission, scholarships and career related matters. If you have a blog topic you’d like to suggest, please let me know!

You can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

I'd love to hear from you!

Want to learn more about how I can help you win scholarships? Please visit my services page.

About the author

Janet MacDonald is a Scholarship Coach with mycampusGPS Education Consulting. She is a former Canadian university admissions officer. For seven years, she was the coordinator of a scholarship program at a major Canadian university. Janet has helped her student clients win hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships.

You can find her online at, and on LinkedIn.

Learn more about Janet MacDonald by visiting the About Page.

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