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A goal without a plan is just a wish.

-Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Scholarship Prep

Scholarship Prep student
Student jumping - gettig ready for scholarship prep

Imagine your student...

This student can be your son or daughter.


Unfortunately, though, many high school students never really get started applying for scholarships because they get completely overwhelmed and don't know where to begin.  Or, they think they don't qualify for scholarships because they're not a top student. Or maybe they start an application but never quite finish, and miss the deadline. 

Sound familiar?  Many high school students miss out on amazing scholarship opportunities because they can't get organized, or they get immobilized by overwhelm and stress.  These are all valid feelings. 


It can be overwhelming and stressful -- for students and for parents! 


However, with some guidance, the right information and the proper tools, students can get organized and beat the overwhelm.  More importantly, they can begin to find--and act on--scholarship opportunities.


With a few sessions, your student can get organized and act on scholarship opportunities. 

Services for High School Students

The foundation for success in university begins in high school.

ONLINE program "How to Write Winning Scholarship Applications"

Get step-by-step instruction on how to write your BEST applications


How to Write Winning Scholarship Applications is an online program you can access 24/7 from anywhere you have internet access.

Students will have access to all of the video modules and downloads as soon as they sign up. Students and parents can log-in and access 9 learning modules of approximately 20 minutes each that will take students step-by-step through the application writing process. Janet will provide information and instruction, plus lots of hands-on tasks so students can put the information into immediate ACTION. 

At the end of the program, students will have an inventory of information they can transcribe, or copy and paste, right into scholarship applications.

myScholarship Prep Package

3 hours


Work one-to-one with me and I'll help your student create their best scholarship application, and show them how to re-use the information to apply for more scholarships.


Take away the guesswork and stress of applying for scholarships using my experience, tips and strategies.


This package is best suited to students in Grade 11 and first semester Grade 12, although some work can be done with highly motivated Grade 10 students.


This package will be customized to the student's needs and will contain some of the following services:

  • Review transcript and calculate potential scholarship average

  • Review extra-curricular activities, make suggestions for additional high impact experiences

  • Help student to develop activities list for scholarship applications, providing ways that will best position the student for awards

  • Provide essay brainstorming exercises and help with developing an outline

  • Provide tips and strategies to help student develop their very best essay

  • Review essay draft and make suggestions for revisions and edits



How it works:

I work with students one-to-one via phone, email and online using Zoom.  Zoom is like Skype, only better.  It allows me to see the student (and a parent, if you wish), and allows you to see me.  I can also share my computer screen with you so we can all follow along with instruction and examples. It's pretty much the same as in-person, except you don't have to clean your house before I come over.



See my Testimonials page to hear what other parents and students have said about working with me.


Please note:  My services are not an essay writing service.  Students are 100% responsible for developing original essay content, and for making suggested revisions and edits. 

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"Janet tells students how best to plan and position themselves for admission and scholarships.  This was valuable information for my son as he starts to apply for major scholarships." 

- Tim, father of Grade 11 student

"It felt amazing to talk about such a stressful topic with someone who knows so much about universities!"

Jessica, Grade 12 student

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