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Filed to United States Patent and Trademark Office on March 22, 2006 View all 4 files el novio no es un hombre de tiempo References External links Official Site Unofficial Fansite Category:2009 albums Category:Nicola Sirkis albumsThe present invention relates to the new and distinct hardy shrub or small tree Geissorhiza, which is a cross between Geissorhiza hookeri ‘Nebulosa’×Geissorhiza fistulosa ‘Helioidea’ (also known as Geissorhiza×Geissorhiza×Klatticum) and Geissorhiza ‘Elegantissima’ (a Geissorhiza×Geissorhiza cross) and will be referred to hereafter by its cultivar name, ‘Suntella’. The new Geissorhiza cultivar is a new and distinct plant of our breeding program from a seedling that originated from the cross of an unnamed seedling of Geissorhiza hookeri ‘Nebulosa’×Geissorhiza fistulosa ‘Helioidea’ (unpatented) as the female parent and the unknown male parent in May of 2002. The new Geissorhiza was selected as a single unique plant from the seedling in August of 2004 at a nursery in Grand Haven, Mich. The new Geissorhiza was first asexually propagated in February of 2005 by softwood cuttings at the same nursery in Grand Haven, Mich. The new Geissorhiza has been asexually reproduced by softwood cuttings and tissue culture in Connellsville, Pa. and Orrville, Ohio over a two-year period. The new Geissorhiza has not been observed under all possible environmental conditions. The phenotype may vary somewhat with variations in environment such as temperature, daylength and light intensity, without, however, any variance in genotype. The new Geissorhiza cultivar is an impulse to early flowering and production of significant flower bloom. The new Geissorhiza has very narrow leaves with a serrated or toothed margin. The new Geissorhiza also has very narrow, rounded yellow bracts. The new Geissorhiza has clusters of pink-pur



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HD Online Player (descargar Tres Metros Sobre El Cielo) franharl
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