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How does a gap year affect scholarships?

This week I got the same question from two different people: "What happens if my son/daughter takes a gap year after Grade 12? How does it affect scholarships?" I'm a big supporter of gap years. I think a gap year is a great choice for some students. But, like many things related to university admission and scholarships, there is no quick and easy answer to this question. I guess the answer is "it depends". As with most admission and scholarship decisions, each university determines its own policies and processes, and this includes policy on students who take a gap year. So it's vital that your student inquires with each of the institutions they are considering, and request their

What is "financial need" on scholarships?

The parent of a Grade 12 student emailed me the other day to say she finds my information very informative (thank you!), and to ask this question: What determines "financial need" on a scholarship application? The answer to this question is not so much what determines financial need, as it is who determines financial need. It is the scholarship grantor--the organization offering the scholarship--who defines what "financial need" means. For this reason, there is no one definition of financial need - it varies according to the grantor. What you need to do to demonstrate financial need also varies according to the organization. Some may just require you to check a box, while others will

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