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Why you shouldn’t hire me to find scholarships for you

Finding scholarships for university can sometimes be difficult. Occasionally, people ask me to find scholarships for them. For example: When I tell them I charge for this service, and then I tell them how much I would need to charge them to do it (see below), they are flabbergasted. But here’s the thing: If it were so easy to do, they could do it themselves, and they wouldn’t need help. So why are they surprised when I tell them I charge for this service—and heftily I might add (again, see below for the reason why). I started my business because as a university Admissions Officer, I saw first-hand the opportunities students were missing with scholarships. I talked with so many students who

The best way for Grade 11s to prepare for scholarships: do an activities audit

I recently had a fantastic one hour strategy session with a Grade 11 student and her Mom. It’s likely this student will be seeking some of the most competitive scholarships when she’s in Grade 12 next year, e.g. Loran, Schulich, TD Leadership, and they contacted me to discuss what she’s done so far, and if she’s on track to be competitive for some of these larger awards. They had been following me, and understood that these big scholarships come up early in the Grade 12 year (the deadline for the $100,000 Loran award was Oct. 17th this year!), so it’s mainly information from Grade 10 and 11 that will be on these early applications. They wanted to ensure the student was making the most of h

Scholarships: bonuses and limitations

Scholarships vary in how they are advertised, processed, evaluated, and when they open and close. They also vary in how the scholarship money is disbursed to the winner(s). Each kind of scholarship scholarship—both university awarded ones, and ones offered by organizations other than universities—will have their own set of rules in how the money is disbursed, and when. It’s worthwhile to read the information on funds disbursement when applying for each scholarship, so you are aware of the policies and how it applies to your future goals. This information is usually in the fine print. While I don’t believe there are any real disadvantages to winning a scholarship (heck, it’s free money you

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