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I was recently a guest on two shows: Haliblab on Facebook with Anita Kirkbride of Twirp Communications, and the Women Doing Cool Stuff Podcast with Corinne Boudreau of Legal Essentials. On the Haliblab show, I share information like why I started mycampusGPS, who I work with, and how I help them. And, at about 14:20, I share a great general framework students can use to write their scholarship essays! On the Women Doing Cool Stuff Podcast, I'm interviewed by Corinne and her 14 year old daughter, Enya (it was take your child to work day!). We talk about when scholarships are available and the ROI (return on investment).

What scholarships should I focus on?

I recently asked people on my email list to tell me some topics they’d like me discuss in upcoming blogs. A few people asked me to give them advice on how their child should manage multiple scholarship applications. In other words, if they are eligible for several, what scholarships should they focus on? Now, at this point I must remind you that Grade 12 is the best time for your child to get a scholarship. There will never be another time when there are more opportunities and less competition. So, if you’re waiting for a “better time” for scholarships, there isn’t one. This is it, and once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. I say this not to scare you, but rather to help motivate you. And,

The 4 biggest mistakes with finding scholarships

Scholarships are a great way to get money to help fund the looming costs of post-secondary. Although winning a scholarship isn’t usually “easy” money, there are a lot more opportunities for scholarships than most people realize. Plus, your student may qualify for more scholarships than think, and their chances of getting one may be better than you think, too! However, there is also a lot of confusion, misinformation and even a few tired, old myths still around about scholarships. Since scholarship “season” is upon us, I want you to understand the opportunities that exist for your student, and the common mistakes people make. Here are the 4 biggest mistakes students and parents make with scho

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